Change Up That Routine!

In order to really keep a good regimen of physical fitness in your life, you need to not only find things that you actually enjoy doing, but also change things up every once in a while to see the maximum benefits from exercising. Nothing can get you off track like boredom, so let's make sure that doesn't happen.

You've been doing routine A at the gym for 5 months now, and while it gave you great results at first, it now seems that you've plateaued out. It happens. Your body and muscles are no longer stimulated enough by the same thing to react. You need to give them new challenges by finding something different to do. Try adding a new kind of cardio to your routine, or a different method of resistance training, for instance, opting to do your routine with resistance bands or using free weights when you usually just use the machines. Perhaps start taking a fitness class of some sort to spice up your line up. Guaranteed that if you change up your routing every few months or so, you'll not only see the results you want all the time, but you'll also be a much fitter over all by training your body in more than just one way.


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