Aging nowadays is nothing like it used to be. People now age more slowly, if they pay attention to all aspects of their health and keep their bodies mobile and young by participating in regular physical activity and making sure to eat healthy whenever possible.
In very fit individuals, 60 can look like 40, and 40 year olds look to still be in their 20's. How you age these days pretty much depends on YOU. How well you take care of yourself is the key.

However, while we can all say that "age is just a number", and go around looking just as young as you please, there are still some definite issues that come along with aging, and it's best to pay attention to them when they arise.
When you do begin to see changes occuring in your body, mental status, sexuality and other areas, take note and address them as you should. It's all part of life!

Facts About Aging


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