Find Love At The Gym!

....or on the running trail...or while exercising at the park. There's no better way to meet that someone than when the both of you are on common ground. Having the same interests to talk about can be the best icebreaker. Know this: many a marriage started out at the gym!

Tips for doing it right:

- don't be obviously on the prowl

- be approachable, but don't seem desperate

- actually be there to work out, and not just to meet someone

- smile!

- wear reasonably attractive workout clothes

- keep some body spray on hand for a quick freshen up back at the locker

- don't always look so serious!

- ask the person who has caught your eye about their workout. ie; "what is that exercise good for?" "how many times a week do you do those?" etc

Once you break the ice, the rest is easy. Play it slow, don't be too eager, and find out more about this person. You'll most likely see them at the gym again, and you can continue to get to know them well enough to work on getting a date! (do NOT accept an invitation for a date the very first time you meet them! Just make contact, find out what day they come to work out, and build on that connection slowly. You need to first make sure this person isn't already dating someone else in the gym!)
Be cool, be approachable, be friendly. From there, the rest is totally up to you! ;)


Chemist on December 21, 2009 at 1:20 AM said...

i have been looking her in the gym since past few weeks but didnt approach her yet as many times our timings are diff. i try to go at same time regularly but because of work stuff am not able to go the same time.
anyways but now i will try the trick you suggested, to ask about the workout he/she is doing and carry on :D

Free ads Company on January 31, 2010 at 3:35 AM said...

what is the way to be healthy when we join Gym..

Body building Tips on February 9, 2010 at 7:51 AM said...

The gym can be a great place to meet someone but it can be hard to find the right time to approach.

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