Should There Be an Age Limit for Senior Drivers?

You've read the news stories; "an elderly man, disoriented, plows into a crowd, killing 4", "Grandmother mistakenly steps on gas instead of brake and hits pedestrian", etc. Every now and then, a story about a senior driver causing a traffic accident or fatality comes across the wires, and it's one of a long line of them.
One could argue that they don't cause as many accidents as, say, drunk drivers, yet even one is too much when lives are lost, is it not?
Perhaps a mandatory retaking of the practical portion of the driver's exam once you reach the age of 65, and every 10 years afterward is not a bad idea. There's no denying that one's faculties, health and reflexes are known to decline as one ages. Why not test every 10 years just to be safe? Those that pass can still drive, and those that don't -- shouldn't.

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